Cast Away

Municipal Heroes

The Faithful Strangers have saved lives, thrown parties and prevented mayhem all before the adoring eyes of the people of Waterdeep. From the poorest laborer to the wealthiest magnate our heroes are revered as the future of the Last Free City of Man. The businesses they patron provide free services and goods whenever possible and in-turn experience the benefits of populist attention.

Fame has proven to have it’s dark side. In cleared lands around the city our brave adventurers face a new enemy. One better organized, motivated and informed than any enemy they’ve faced before. To this enemy, known as the 13th Legion, the Faithful Strangers seem to be a target. Able to hunt them down regardless of distance or time, the 13th will certainly prove a challenge that could either usher them into a new era of power and fame or leave them broken beneath the boughs of uncaring sentinels.

Goblins and Villagers

Having saved The Lady and traveled through the unending Marching Green, the Faithful Strangers set out alone for Waterdeep, Last Free City of Man. Along the way they came across a village being sacked by ravenous goblins. Thinking nothing of their own safety and throwing caution to the wind the indomitable heroes attacked the goblin raiding party, driving them off with great alacrity and bravado.

The Faithful Strangers spent an evening among the grateful villagers before striking out the next day for Waterdeep. Word of their heroics spread fast and already people are whispering of the brave adventuring party.

Opening Scene
Intro. Our heroes. The Shore of Teeth.

On a cold shore four strangers awoke to a screaming child. Beneath a grey sky they glimpsed a captive of Bullywugs being trundled up a narrow stone staircase cut into the side of an imposing ocean cliff. Setting aside the gravity of their mysterious transposition to a new land, with righteousness on their side and bravery in their hearts they immediately set out to save the helpless innocent.

The four heroes enacted a great slaughter among the evil frog people and pursued the captors through the very heart of darkness. In the lost city of Ravenholm the brave companions bested the worst tests conceived by evil and upon the very doorstep of Lord Mach the Dead saved the captive girl.

Thus the Faithful Strangers came to free The Lady into the world.

Setting the Setting

The Adamant King
And the Mithril Queen
Watch their nobles sing
In the Marching Green

Korvath the Wrathfire
The Worlds foretold end
Slumbers in his spire
But starts to ascend

While Lord Mach the Dead
Who sits on his throne
Plucks the lands last thread
And will soon rule alone

Far to the lost East
Beneath ancient sands
The last gods’ high priest
Bears forth its commands

And washed up on shore
The Lady and those
Whose coming brings war
No land can oppose


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