While (extreme) age seems to have made his body frail, Faithful still likes to think of himself as a warrior. While he rarely fought in earnest around the Strangers, his body seemed to be supernaturally resilient, and he shows some skill in magic.

Garbed in the unremarkable clothes of a traveling pilgrim, he carried two items of note: a notched, black sword, and a silver chain lashed tight across his neck.


Besides the Wugs, Faithful was the first creature the Faithful Strangers saw after coming back to consciousness on distant shores. Claiming to be the one to drag them to safety, he traveled with the intrepid adventurers on their journey following The Lady’s trail, nudging the group onward.

While he played the part of a mild-mannered, troubled old man throughout their travels, his demeanor changed dramatically upon the party’s arrival in Ravenholm. His paranoia drove him to unexpectedly betray the party while in the Ziggurat, turning on Lones with a fatal dose of necrotic energy. Enraged, the gang soundly defeated him, and he was dragged by a supernatural force into the depths of the Ziggurat. He was found afterwards by Cohl, who stripped him of his silver chain. Presumably, he drowned shortly thereafter.


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